Deborah and Barak
From Judges Chapters 4-5

Song: We will Go

This week's Bible story is about Deborah, who not only chose to do right but helped someone else do right, too.

Deborah was a woman who every day sat under a palm tree in the shade..
She was a cool person in more ways than one. First she was cool because she was sitting under a palm tree in the shade, but she was really cool because as she sat there she helped people and told them about God.

One day Deborah said that she wanted Barak to come by to see her.
When Barak came to see Deborah she told him that God had said for him
to take 10,000 men and march against their enemies who lived on Mount Tabor
and God would help him win the battle.

But Barak knew that their King, Jabin, had 900 Iron Chariots.
He was a strong and mighty king and so Barak told Deborah that he would not go
UNLESS she went along with him. Have you ever done that?
Have you ever been unsure of yourself? Have you ever not wanted to do something
alone but decided to do it if someone else would come along, too? God should be
the one we put all our trust in, but sometimes we forget that, and we always feel
better if we have a friend to go with us and help us.
Well, Barak didn't want to go without Deborah.

When Barak said this to Deborah, Deborah had to decide what to do.
It was good for everyone that Deborah chose to do right.
She not only chose to do right and serve God herself, but by making this choice,
she also helped Barak do what was right and to serve the Lord.
Should we help our friends to do what is right and to serve God?

So Deborah and Barak went and gathered the 10,000 men together and they all
marched to Mount Tabor.  Then Deborah told Barak to take the men on to battle
and God would help them to win! And you know what? Barak did what God wanted him to do... and God did what he said he would do...and they won over those 900 iron chariots and all their enemies.

They were so grateful to God for what he had done for them. So do you know what they did next? What we all should do when God helps us? Yes...We should thank Him.
And when the battle was over they did just that! They sang a song of Praise to God for helping them.

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