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What Should We Focus on in 2017? 01-01-17 AM Avoid Evil as Noah Did 01-01-17 PM
God's Word is to be Obeyed 01-08-17 AM Faith Leading to Obedience 01-08-17 PM
Where is Jesus on Your Priority List? 01-15-17 AM N/A 01-15-17 PM
N/A 01-22-17 AM N/A 01-22-17 PM
Lessons from the Death of Aaron 01-29-17 AM When We Pray and Someone Dies 01-29-17 PM
The Gospel is the Power Unto Salvation 02-05-17 AM Persistence of a Christian 02-05-17 PM
Consequences of Envy 02-12-17 AM The Value of Repentance 02-12-17 PM
God's Authority Applied Today 02-19-17 AM Tis So Sweet to Trust in Jesus 02-19-17 PM
Christian Lessons from David and Goliath 02-26-17 AM Charity that Pleases God 02-26-17 PM
What Shall We Do With Jesus 03-05-17 AM Church Discipline, a Command 03-05-17 PM
Seeing Sin as God Sees It 03-12-17 AM Persistence in Prayer Gets Results 03-12-17 PM
Focusing on the Lord's Supper 03-19-17 AM N/A 03-19-17 PM
Who Will Enter the Kingdom of God 03-26-17 AM Significance of the Burial of Jesus 03-26-17 PM
Parable of the Wedding Feast 04-02-17 AM Do Miraculous Gifts Exist Today 04-02-17 PM
Hatred is a Sin Unto Destruction 04-09-17 AM Answer of the Young Rich Man  04-09-17 PM
Don't go Beyond the Word 04-16-17 AM 8 Lessons of Life 04-16-17 PM
N/A 04-23-17 AM N/A 04-23-17 PM
Benefits of Suffering 04-30-17 AM N/A 04-30-17 PM
N/A 05-06-17 AM N/A 05-06-17 PM
N/A 05-13-17 AM N/A 05-13-17 PM
But the Bible Doesn't Say I Can't 05-20-17 AM 3 Persons Not to Envy 05-20-17 PM
Elijah and the Power of God 05-27-17 AM N/A 05-27-17 PM
No Man Spake Like This Man 06-04-17 AM Rightly Dividing the Word of Truth 06-04-17 PM
Hold Fast the Profession of Faith 06-12-17 AM Who Will Enter the Kingdom of Heaven II 06-12-17 PM
Living Without Consequences 06-18-17 AM God Gives us the Power 06-18-17 PM
Resurrection of Jesus 06-25-17 AM Promises of God 06-25-17 PM
The Picture in Isaiah Two 07-02-17 AM The Secret of Contentment 07-02-17 PM
Speak as the Oracles of God 07-09-17 AM How Beautiful Heaven Must Be   Jeff Fisher 07-09-17 PM
The Golden Rule 07-16-17 AM The Power of the Word 07-16-17 PM
Cornelius  by Bobby Calloway 07-23-17 AM The Crucifixion     Paul Fisher
N/A 07-30-17 AM N/A 07-30-17 PM
Failure and Success of the Lost Son 08-06-17 AM Lessons from the Rich Young Ruler 08-06-17 PM
Does Jesus Care 08-20-17 AM Life of Faith 08-20-17 PM
Christ Receiveth Sinful Men 08-27-17 AM What is Repentance 08-27-17 PM


Sunday 9:30 AM  Who is God's Family?
Sunday 10:30 AM Being Faithful: More Than Just Sitting in a Pew
Sunday 6:00 PM An Examination of Biblical Holiness
Monday 7:00 PM How Can a Flawed Man Stand Before a Perfect God?
Tuesday 7:00 PM How Do Others Know I Belong to Christ?
Wednesday 7:00 PM Heaven is the Best Place for a Family Reunion

David's Successes and Failures 09-17-17 AM Lessons from Moses 09-17-17 PM
Parable of Two Sons 09-24-17 AM Personal Vengeance 09-24-17 PM
N/A 10-01-17 AM N/A 10-01-17 PM
N/A 10-08-17 AM Hold Fast the Pattern of Sound Words 10-08-17 PM
Authority of the Bible  10-15-17 AM Basics of Living the Christian Life 10-15-17 PM
Origins of the Bible 10-22-17 AM Prayers that Please God 10-22-17 PM
The Greatest Institute on Earth 10-29-17 AM N/A 10-29-17 PM
Who is the Church? 11-05-17 AM Be An Example 11-05-17 PM
Origin and Establishment of the Church 11-12-17 AM Presence of Evil 11-12-17 PM
Unto Us a Child is Born 11-19-17 AM The Swearing of Oaths 11-19-17 AM
Two Paths and Two Gates to Choose From 11-26-17 AM Blessings in this Life through Christ to a Chosen People 11-26-17 PM
The Power of God 12-03-17 AM What is the Remedy for Covetousness? 12-03-17 PM
Lying is an Abomination to God 12-10-17 AM Are You Ready? 12-10-17 PM
Considering Premillenalism 12-17-17 AM A Chosen Generation 12-17-17 PM
The Golden Rule 12-24-17 AM The Burial 12-24-17 PM
Who Will Enter the Kingdom of Heaven 12-31-17 AM  N/A 12-31-17 PM

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