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An example taken directly from the Bible...
For Peter's First Sermon Read  Acts 2: 14-47
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All Sermons by G Eddie Watkins unless otherwise noted

Who is God and Who is Jesus? 01-07-18 AM What is the True Religion? 01-07-18 PM
Idols:What Are They? 01-14-18 AM N/A 01-14-18 PM
Overcoming Being Alone  Jeff Fisher 01-21-18 AM Why Do we Worship the Way We Do? Jeff Fisher 01-21-18 PM
The New Testament Church Part A 01-28-18 AM The New Testament Church Part B 01-28-18 PM
Who Will Inherit the Kingdom of God? 02-04-18 AM N/A 02-04-18 PM
N/A 02-11-18 AM N/A 02-11-18 PM
How Can I Be a Friend of God? 02-19-18 AM How Did God Save Man? 02-19-18 PM
Character of God's Promises 02-25-18 AM N/A 02-25-18 PM
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Rewards 03-11-18 AM Negative Lessons from Cain 03-11-18 PM
Earnestly Contending for the Faith 03-18-18 AM N/A 03-18-18 PM
Watch Your Language 03-25-18 AM Trust and Obey 03-25-18 PM
N/A 04-01-18 AM Rich Man and Lazarus 04-01-18 PM
Are you Growing in Christ?    Kyle Smith 04-08-18 AM God's Children Should Always Be Ready Kyle Smith 04-08-18 PM
Infant Baptism 04-15-18 AM N/A see sermon 5/1/16 04-15-18 PM
How Can We Be Better Examples for Christ    Paul Fisher 04-24-18 AM Is it a Joyful Thing to Worship God?  Paul Fisher 04-24-18 M
Simple Plan                          Rick Bright 04-29-18 AM Balance Rick Bright 04-29-18 PM
Preach the Gospel to all the World 05-06-18 AM God's Authority is to be Obeyed 05-06-18 PM
What are We Here For?                          Brandon Carr 05-13-18 AM What Can I Do?      Terry Cruise 05-13-18 PM
Time is God's Plan                     Kyle Smith 05-21-18 AM The People Who Walked in Darkness       Kyle Smith 05-21-18 PM
Church Attendance  05-28-18 AM We can Learn How to Act from God's Word 05-28-18 PM
3 Questions on the New Testament Church 06-03-18 AM What is the Status of Miracles Today? 06-03-18 AM
What Blessings we Have and Why we Have Them 06-10-18 AM Our Desteny Depends On Doing God's Will 06-10-18 AM
Is Your Name Written in the Lamb's Book of Life? 06-17-18 AM Ye Must Be Born Again 06-17-18 PM
Are you Bearing Your Cross Daily    John Hopkins 07-01-18 AM My Proofs of the Extistence of God   Luther Sheppard 07-01-18 PM
How Can I Live a Faithful Christian Life 07-08-18 AM N/A 07-08-18 PM
Hezekiah, A Good King 07-15-18 AM To Judge or Not to Judge? 07-15-18 PM

© Copyright  2018.  All rights reserved.
Special Meeting with Kyle Butt March 3-4 2018
Existence of God and Creation

Is There a God? 03-03-18
Evolution's Thinning Ice 03-03-18
Fruits of Atheism 03-04-18
Keeping our Children Faithful 03-04-18
Dinosaurs and the Bible 03-04-18