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For Peter's First Sermon Read  Acts 2: 14-47.

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Predestination:Scriptural?  Brian York 01-12-16 AM Disagree without being Disagreeable  Brian York 01-12-16 PM
Evangelism: In and Out of Season  G. Eddie Watkins 01-17-16 AM  N/A 01-17-16 PM
When Christ Returns where will you Be?  Terry Cruise 01-24-16 AM Decisions, Decisions   Randy Hyder 01-24-16 PM
Would You Fire Jesus?   Brian York 02-07-16 AM  Run the Race  Brian York 02-07-16 PM
Apostolic Authority   G. Eddie Watkins 02-21-16 AM Salvation: Rahab and Today- G. Eddie Watkins 02-21-16 PM
How to Build the ChurchG. Eddie Watkins 02-28-16 AM Why I Believe God ExistsG. Eddie Watkins 02-28-16 PM
Communion:Keeping our Minds on Jesus 03-06-16 AM Developing Patience 03-06-16 PM
Idolatry: In This Day and Time 03-13-16 AM Denominations:  Scriptural Existence? 03-13-16 PM
Instrumental Music 03-20-16 AM What Can Prayer Do? 03-20-16 PM
Jesus Our Hero 03-27-16 AM Repentance is Necessary 03-27-16 PM
Gods Word Hid in Heart Guards Against Sin 04-03-16 AM God's Love Seen in Jesus 04-03-16 PM
How the Devil Lies to You 04-10-16 AM The Tested and Certified Christ 04-10-16 PM
Shall we Know one Another in Heaven 04-17-16 AM 10 Lies We Tell Ourselves 04-17-16 PM
Why We Sing in Worship 04-24-16 AM Was Paul Truly an Apostle 04-24-16 PM
We Want to Go to Heaven Because Heaven Is.. 05-01-16 AM Basics of Living a Christian Life 05-01-16 PM
Remembering Mothers 05-08-16 AM Jesus, Our Propitiation 05-08-16 PM
Witnesses 05-15-16 AM Repentance 05-15-16 PM
Are You Prepared to Serve 05-22-16 AM Am I My Brothers Keeper 05-22-16 PM
What is Truth 05-29-16 AM N/A 05-29-16 PM
The Great Commission: Baptism in the Gospel  06-05-16 AM Why Control the Tongue? 06-05-16 PM
N/A 06-12-16 AM Hold Fast the Pattern of Sound Words 06-12-16 PM
Fathers Command Your Children 06-19-16 AM Go Ye Therefore 06-19-16 PM
Be an Example 06-26-16 AM N/A 06-26-16 PM
What if you miss Heaven? 07-03-16 AM Modern day Revelation: from where? 07-03-16 PM
Who is Jesus Christ 07-10-16 AM Value of Persistence 07-10-16 PM
If Jesus Be Not Raised  07-17-16 AM How to be More Than Conquerors 07-17-16 PM
How God Adds all these Things 07-24-16 AM God Sees the Secret Things 07-24-16 PM
Wine is a Mocker 07-31-16 AM Blessed Are the Peace Makers 07-31-16 PM
Lessons from the life of Moses 08-07-16 AM What Makes us Impure 08-07-16 PM
No UnCommon Temptation 08-14-16 AM 100 Setbacks, No Bow  Brian York 08-14-16 PM
N/A 08-21-16 AM N/A 08-21-16 PM
What Means These Stones? 08-28-16 AM What Makes a Strong Church 08-28-16 PM
How Jesus Proved He Was God 09-04-16 AM Why Reject the Lies of Our Fathers 09-04-16 PM
Baptism is Necessary for Salvation 09-11-16 AM Are you Taking the Name of Jesus with You? 09-11-16 PM

What Will Matter at the Judgement
Brother G. Eddie Watkins

What will Matter at the Judgement The Church at the Judgement
Mankind Marching to Destruction Faithfulness at the Judgement
The Blood of Jesus at the Judgement Heaven and Hell at the Judgement

Overcoming Discontentment 09-25-16 AM Remember Lot's Wife 09-25-16 PM
Two Debtors 10-02-16 AM The Prodigal Son 10-02-16 PM
Attitudes Toward God's Word 10-09-16 AM Latin American Missions 10-09-16 PM
Why I Am a Member of the church of Christ I 10-16-16 AM Hold to God's Unchanging Hand 10-16-16 PM
Jesus is Coming Again 10-23-16 AM Build the Wall 10-23-16 PM
Why I Am a Member of the church of Christ II 10-30-16 AM What Makes Us Impure (Devotional) 10-30-16 PM
Church Discipline 11-06-16 AM Ezra's Relationship to God 10-06-16 PM
False Teachers 11-13-16 AM Open His Eyes That He Might See 11-13-16 PM
Our Attitude Toward Wealth 11-20-16 AM How to Develop Patience 11-20-16 PM
N/A 11-27-16 AM N/A 11-27-16 PM
Assurance In Prayer 12-04-16 AM Love God, Love Your Neighbor 12-04-16 PM
N/A 12-11-16 AM N/A 12-11-16 PM
Important Things to Know  12-18-16 AM N/A 12-18-16 PM
What We Celebrate 12-25-16 AM Promises of God 12-25-16 PM


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